Dashlane launches new password changer, machine learning autofill in beta

Both features will enter general availability later this year

Dashlane new logo

Dashlane announced that its one-click password changer would re-launch in beta alongside a new machine learning-powered autofill engine.

People who use the password manager can sign up to join Dashlane’s beta to test the new features ahead of wider release later this year. Beta testers should be able to enjoy the features across Dashlane’s browser extension, iOS and Android apps.

The main difference with the new password changer is that it should now work more reliability and cover more websites. I used Dashlane a few years back and found the password changer handy despite its inconsistencies. If Dashlane’s improvements are as good as it says, then it could be a game-changer of a feature.

According to Dashlane, the improved password changer can follow each website’s distinct password reset flow and can even autofill common blockers like captchas and two-factor authentication (2FA) codes.

On top of that, Dashlane says the password manager sticks to the company’s ‘zero-knowledge’ promise, handling everything locally to ensure data is secure, private and only accessible to the user.

As for the new machine learning-powered autofill, Dashlane claims its autofill offers the “most accurate page analysis on the market” and can autofill logins across every website. Dashlane says machine learning helped boost autofill’s weighted F-score to 92 percent on English, French and German websites — F-score being a measure of accuracy based on the precision and recall of a test.

Further, Dashlane’s move to machine learning, combined with a shift away from desktop apps to a web-first experience, allowed the company to speed up recognition in online forms to 15 milliseconds.

All this sounds impressive, and for some people, faster autofill and more reliable, automated password changing could be key features that encourage a switch to Dashlane. Considering LastPass recently made some changes to its free model, some people are on the hunt for a new password manager. However, Dashlane’s free tier is fairly restricted, with a 50 password cap and one device limit. For $39.99 USD (about $50.56 CAD) a year, individuals can upgrade to Premium to get unlimited passwords, devices and several other features.