Metrolinx launches new contactless credit card payment pilot

Metrolinx plans to add Interac Debit as an option to pay for travel in the Spring

Metrolinx has announced that it’s launching a new contactless credit card payment option for the UP Express.

Starting March 11th, customers can use their physical credit card or the credit card in their mobile wallet to pay for their fare on the UP Express as part of a pilot.

“For the same price as the Presto adult fare, UP Express customers can tap on a Presto device with a Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card or their phone or watch with a mobile wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay,” Metrolinx stated in a news release.

With this new option, customers can pay for their transit fare without loading funds ahead of time or purchasing a ticket.

The company says it’s testing these new payment options with UP Express customers so that it can further enhance customers’ payment experience.

“Tapping their credit card or phone to pay for transit is what our customers have been asking for, and we’re thrilled to add this to the many customer improvements we’ve made to the Presto experience and the Presto app over the last year,” said Fawad Ebraemi, the acting chief of Presto, in the news release.

In the Spring, Metrolinx plans to add Interac Debit as an option to pay for travel on the UP Express. Following this pilot, Presto will be rolling out payment by credit, debit and mobile wallets to more transit agencies, such as the TTC.

Image credit: Metrolinx

Source: Metrolinx