New Fortnite cinematic directed by Avengers: Endgame’s Russo Brothers

The Russos have taken on another mega-crossover

Fortnite Zero Crisis

Epic Games has revealed that Anthony and Joe Russo, the directors of the smash hits Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, directed Fortnite‘s latest story cinematic.

The three-minute short serves as an introduction to the game’s ‘Zero Crisis Finale’ event, a just-released single-player mission that follows Agent Jones (Troy Baker) as he tries to stop a reality-altering threat.

In the cinematic, Jones runs through the battlefield while avoiding many of the iconic characters that have been introduced to the game over the past several months, such as Sarah Connor and the T-800 (Terminator), Ellen Ripley and the Xenomorph (Alien), Master Chief (Halo) and Ryu (Street Fighter).

Given the massive pop-culture crossover on display here, it makes sense that the Avengers directors were chosen to helm the new cinematic. On top of that, Epic told Variety that it worked with the Russos to “write, storyboard and direct much of the character setup” that will be seen in the upcoming Chapter 2 Season 6, which Zero Crisis Finale leads into.

The Russo Brothers are also known for being fans of Fortnite, which led to Infinity War and Endgame villain Thanos coming to the game.

Outside of playing and working on Fortnite, the Russo Brothers’ just released their latest film, the Tom Holland-led crime drama Cherry, on Apple TV+.

Additionally, the directing duo just began filming the action-thriller The Gray Man, Netflix’s most expensive movie to date, which stars Chris Evans as a CIA operative hunting down a former colleague-turned-assassin (Ontario’s own Ryan Gosling).

Source: Variety