‘I’m a Mac’ guy Justin Long now featured in slightly desperate Intel ads

Justin Long is back, but this time he's promoting Intel's chips

Justin Long

In the never-ending string of strange things about 2021, this ranks up there pretty high.

In an effort to fight back against the resoundingly positive reception of Apple’s impressive M1 processors, Intel has released several new ads featuring actor Justin Long.

While Long has been featured in several notable movies, including 2006’s cinematic masterpiece Accepted, he was also the face of Apple’s popular ‘I’m a Mac‘ ads that ran throughout the 2000s.

In this new pro-Intel ad, Long compares several Macs to Windows laptops and highlights their ability to function as 2-in-1 devices, touch screens and their more unique form factors. There’s also a specific ad that points out how gaming is far easier on an Intel-powered PC.

While all very valid points, the ads reek of desperation to an extent, especially since they copy the framework of Apple’s very similar ‘Mac vs PC’ ads. The ads also avoid anything related to benchmarks, which, as it stands right now, would be entirely blown away by Apple’s M1 chip.

The return of Justin Long to a Mac vs. PC ad comes just a few months after Apple brought back actor John Hodgman to reprise his role as the ‘PC guy” from the tech giant’s ‘I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC’ ad campaign.

During Apple’s M1 Mac keynote, Hodgman briefly compared Apple’s ARM-based M1 MacBooks to Intel-based devices in a very negative light.

Hopefully, for Intel’s sake, the chipmaker finds a way to fight back against the M1 chip with its own silicon advances rather than focusing on a battle of words through clever marketing.