Clubhouse’s Android launch is a ‘couple of months’ away

The Android version of the app may launch in late spring or the summer

Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davidson has said the audio chat app’s Android launch will take a couple of months.

Davidson stated during Clubhouse’s weekly town hall event that the company is working hard to launch its Android app, but that it won’t be available for a couple of months, as reported by TechCrunch.

This indicates that the Android version of the app may launch in late spring or the summer. Clubhouse announced in January that it would launch its Android version “soon,” but didn’t provide a timeline on when that would be.

Most of the statements about an Android launch have been quite vague, but we now have an idea of when to expect the Android app.

It’s worth noting that Twitter has taken advantage of Clubhouse’s delay into the Android market with its new ‘Spaces’ feature, which is a Clubhouse clone.

The social media giant opened up its Spaces to Android users earlier this month and plans to launch Twitter Spaces to the general public next month. This puts Clubhouse behind its biggest rival by months.

Davidson has stated that Clubhouse requires a slower pace when it comes to opening up access to more users. He outlined that users’ experiences in the app can be negatively affected when Clubhouse grows because it can be harder to find friends and content that pertains to their interests.

The company plans to address these challenges by tweaking the app’s activity feed and giving users more control over notifications along with access to more personalized features.

Source: TechCrunch