New Pixel Buds with stronger power output spotted in FCC listing

The earbuds are rumoured to launch in mid-April

Pixel Buds

Google’s 2021 Pixel Buds might have made an appearance on an FCC certification page.

9to5Google spotted two devices under the FCC identifier for Weifang Goertek Electronics, which was reportedly used for the original Pixel Buds back in 2018.

The devices have the model numbers ‘GPQY2′ and ‘G7YPJ,’ which are similar to the numbers used for Google’s products since Nest Audio.

According to 9to5Google, It’s clear that these are new Pixel Buds since they’re registered for the same Bluetooth ranges used by last year’s Pixel Buds, which also had two separate FCC listings, including one for the left ear and the other for the right.

9to5Google also dug into the paperwork and found the device’s dimensions, 27 x 20 x 15mm, which are similar to the measurements of the 2020 model.

Based on the listing, it looks like Google is trying to fix the Buds’ frequent disconnect problems by increasing the power output from 8mW/16mW to 13.24mW/19.82mW.

A previous rumour indicated that Google plans to launch the new Pixel Buds in mid-April, so it makes sense that we’re now seeing the earbuds in an FCC listing.

While Google might be improving its power output, I’m hoping that the tech giant also adds noise-cancelling to this year’s Pixel Buds.

Source: 9to5Google