Tesla solar roof price increases, still no specific Canadian availability

In some cases, the price even doubles

Reports from several outlets indicate that the cost of Tesla’s solar roof panels is going up considerably.

As first noted by Electrek, Telsa has increased the price of its solar roof. When a writer at publication looked into decking out their roof with Tesla solar panels last summer, the price was roughly $54,996 USD (roughly $69,300 CAD). Now when they spec out the same roof size, the price ranges from $79,938 USD to $100,621 USD (roughly $100,700 CAD to $126,800 CAD).

Solar Views says the March price increase is related to the dummy shingles that Tesla requires to create more complex roof designs. These shingles are used whenever the company needs to cut a shingle to fit a complex corner or angle.

Earlier in 2021, Elon Musk said that the Solar Roofs will be available to Canadians later this year. However, the exchange rate and the rising cost of these tiles are likely going to put them out of reach for lots of people. You can watch how the solar panels react to snow here.

If you’re unable to wait for a Tesla Solar Roof, there are other companies in Canada like Mitrex that offer similar services and products.

Source: Electrek, Solar Views