Fortnite is headed in the ‘primal’ route with latest update

Version 16.10 brings increased GPU performance and a resolution boost for Switch players

The latest Fortnite update has brought a lot of changes to the 100-player island. From the addition of raptors to quality of life changes such as nerfing overpowered weapons, Epic is on the right track to make this its best season yet.

Fortnite’s version ‘16.10 update’ dropped at 4am ET Tuesday.

Addition of Raptors

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed dinosaur eggs scattered all over the Fortnite Battle Royale island.

These eggs finally hatched and now along with wolves, boars, chickens and sharks, raptors will also roam around the island, third-partying fights (attacking two teams in combat after they’ve weakened each other) and causing havoc with their mighty roars.

Is there a workaround? Yes. These raptors can be tamed, just like wolves and boars, and used as allies. All you’ll need is some meat and bones (can be found by killing other animals or farming skulls and skeletons scattered around the map,) which can then be crafted into a hunter’s cloak.

That said, raptors don’t let you tame them if they’re targeting non-playable characters (NPC) or other players.

While you can’t ride the two-legged dinos, Epic Games may add that option in the future, considering ways of traversing the map this season are scarce.

Makeshift Shotgun buffMakeshift shotgun in Fortnite

The Makeshift Shotgun was one of the most frustrating weapons for early-game engagements this season. It felt extremely clunky, especially because of the slow pull-out time and that it had only two bullets in the chamber.

Well, Epic Games listened to the community feedback and made some changes. The shotgun’s pull-out time has been decreased and the clip size has been increased to three from two.

Primal Shotgun nerf

The Primal Shotgun it the opposite of the Makeshift Shotgun. Epic designed it to narrow the skill gap and to help new players secure some ‘Victory Royales.’

While it can be a great weapon when it’s in your hands, it’s a pain when it’s in someone else’s. The patch did work on nerfing the overpowered weapon’s fire rate, but upon playing the game, the nerf seems minimal and the weapon can still take you from 200 to 0 health points (HP) in a split second.


With the latest update, crafting materials like bones and mechanical parts will also spawn as floor loot, which ties to the other crafting change — costs to craft now scale with makeshift rarity.

  • Common weapon to uncommon weapon — Now two bones or mechanical parts, versus four bones or mechanical parts
  • Uncommon to rare — Four bones or mechanical parts.
  • Rare to epic — Now six bones or mechanical parts, versus four bones or mechanical parts

V16.10 is 10.2 GB in size.

Epic Games did warn in a tweet that the update will be larger than usual for PC players, and it was right. Version 16.10 is 10.2GB in size, which is a huge update considering it’s the season’s first.

Nintendo Switch update

Fortnite ‘Version 16.10’ has also been a welcome update for Nintendo Switch players. The update brings increased GPU performance and a resolution boost, whether playing in docked or handheld mode. Switch players will now be able to run the game at higher graphics without a loss of performance.

Epic Games is currently working to fix bugs that sneaked into the update, including stability and voice chat issues.

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