Google Wear OS now has a new manage button for notifications

This is a server-side update

Google’s latest update to Wear OS allows users to manage the operating system’s notification panel in one step.

To check notifications on Wear OS, users need to swipe up from the home screen, and if there aren’t any notifications, you’ll see a message saying ‘All clear,’ ‘No notifications,’  or ‘Check again later.”‘

With the latest update, you’ll now see a ‘Manage’ button below the little message. Tapping the new button opens the Wear OS app on your connected device to the ‘Change watch notification page,’ which allows users to pick which apps will send notifications on their phone.

This lets users to pick apps that don’t send notifications to their watch by default quickly and easily. Previously, users would need to go to their phones and search through the Wear OS app settings. Now, you’ll only need to tap the manage button on your device.

According to 9to5Google, this is a server-side update, which means not everyone will get the feature at the same time.

While not a significant update, it’s welcome to see Google is still updating its beleaguered wearable operating system.

Source: 9to5Google