Netflix’s The Witcher Season 2 has wrapped filming

The production took over a year to complete

Netflix's The Witcher

Filming for Netflix’s The Witcher Season 2 has finally come to a close after being shut down multiple times due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The production cycle for this season has been a turbulent one, with filming starting back in February 2020. With the onset of the global pandemic, Netflix halted production on all of its TV and movie productions as a safety precaution. The company even pledged $150 million to support its crews in the face of COVID-19, showing that it was taking the situation seriously.

The Witcher was one of the productions that got temporarily shut down at the time, with its Season 2 shoots being rescheduled. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of series’ the production troubles, as filming stopped once again. A week after shoots resumed, multiple crew members tested positive for COVID-19.

With all that being said, The Witcher Season 2 still managed to wrap filming today, although somewhat unofficially. The series’ hair designer Jacqueline Rathore announced the news in a recent Instagram story.

The second season will start out with Geralt bringing Princess Cirilla of Cintra to the place where he grew up, Kaer Morhen. His goal is to keep her safe, and that’s the safest place he knows.

Season 2 doesn’t have a premiere date just yet, but if all goes well, it shouldn’t be too long now.

Source: @rathorejacqui