Microsoft developing ‘roaming bandwidth control’ feature for Teams

The feature will roll out to users by the end of May

Microsoft is developing a new ‘roaming bandwidth control’ feature for its Teams videoconferencing platform.

The tool will allow admins to set dynamic bandwidth policies based on users’ geographic locations to allow for consistent performance during video calls.

“This allows admins to set more limited bandwidth controls for when users travel to remote or bandwidth constrained locations, and then relax limitations when they travel to a location with higher bandwidth capacity,” Microsoft notes on its product roadmap page.

The tech giant says the new feature is still being developed and that it expects to roll out it to users by the end of May.

Last month, Microsoft revealed that it was working on a new ‘low data’ mode for Teams that would allow users to cap the amount of data that will be used during video calls. The mode also lets users establish different settings based on network availability.

Microsoft Teams, like Google and Zoom, has been releasing new features as workplaces around the world continue to use video conferencing tools to conduct meetings and work from home.

Source: Microsoft