Costco Canada offers up to 16 percent off on Apple gift cards

Costco has a limit of two gift cards per Costco member

iPhone 12 Pro

Costco Canada is offering up to 16 percent off Apple App Store and iTunes gift cards. These deals are strictly for Costco members.

Check out the prices below:

The sale will run until April 18th and the gift cards can be used on iTunes, the App Store and on other digital items sold by Apple. You can’t use these cards to buy physical goods at the Apple Store.

The code will be delivered via email with a limit of two per member. To shop at Costco you need to be a member, which costs $60 per year for the base-level membership.

To learn more about Costco’s membership plans, click here. To learn more about Apple’s gift cards, click here.

Source: Costco Canada Via: RedFlagDeals