Clubhouse launches direct payments to allow creators to make money

The company won't take a cut from the payments

Social audio app Clubhouse has launched a new direct payment feature to allow creators to make money through the platform.

“All users will be able to send payments today, and we’ll be rolling out the ability to receive payments in waves, starting with a small test group today,” the company said on a blog post on April 5th.

The company notes that 100 percent of payments will go to the creator and that it won’t be taking a cut. Users will be charged a small card processing fee, which will go directly to Clubhouse’s payment processing partner, Stripe.

To pay a Clubhouse creator, users can tap on their profile and select the ‘Send Money’ option. Next, users have to enter the amount they would like to send. The first time users do this, they’ll have to register a credit or debit card.

Clubhouse hopes to collect feedback from users with this initial roll-out, fine-tune the feature and then roll it out to all users soon.

“This will be the first of many features that allow creators and to get paid directly on Clubhouse,” the company outlined in the post.

Clubhouse has gained an immense amount of popularity over the last couple of months and plans to launch its platform on Android in the coming months.

Twitter has already cloned the platform with its Spaces feature and Facebook is looking to launch its own version in the near future. Spotify, Slack and LinkedIn are also working on their own clones.

Source: Clubhouse