Koodo ends Spring Sale, rolls out new plans including $65/15GB BYOD option

Koodo's new plans aren't as good as the Spring Sale offer, but they're not all bad

It looks like Koodo has, unfortunately, ended its ‘Spring Sale‘ and now has a new slate of plans on offer. However, there are some actually decent options in the new plan suite, including a $65/15GB option.

We’ve listed all the new plans below, as well as the previous sale cost associated with them:

  • $45/3GB | Previously $45/6GB
  • $50/5GB | Previously $50/10GB
  • $55/8GB (6GB plan + promo 2GB) | Previously $55/13GB
  • $60/10GB (8GB plan + promo 2GB) | Previously $60/14GB
  • $65/15GB | Previously $70/18GB

All the plans include unlimited Canada-wide minutes and unlimited international text messaging.

While the changes definitely look bad, it’s worth keeping in mind that we’re going from Koodo’s promotional sale plans to regular pricing. That said, the $65/15GB option looks decent, at least compared to what’s currently on offer (and what was previously offered). As a comparison, both Fido and Virgin Mobile currently charges $80 for 15GB.

Unfortunately, Koodo’s $65/15GB isn’t an option for those looking to get a phone on the Tab. Instead, the plans cap out at the $60/10GB option. While the plans are limited, Koodo’s currently offering a $100 bill credit for customers looking to get a phone.

You can check out Koodo’s new plans on the company’s website.