Elon Musk’s business partner says they could build a real Jurassic Park ‘if we wanted’

It's almost like he didn't watch the second half of the movie

While Elon Musk is working on sending a man mission to Mars and creating electric cars that might self-drive someday, Max Hodak, one of his business partners, recently tweeted that he could build a real-world Jurassic Park.

Hodak, who along with Musk and other partners, co-founded the brain-machine interfacing company Neuralink, recently tweeted that “we could probably build a Jurassic Park if we wanted to.” Expanding on that rather terrifying thought, he then said that “maybe 15 years of breeding + engineering to get super exotic novel species.”

And that’s it, that’s the entire tweet.

It’s possible that Hodak isn’t very familiar with the Jurassic Park series or the fact that the concept of a theme park full of man-made dinosaurs doesn’t actually work out. To say the very least, Isla Nublar does not turn into a dinosaur-filled version of Disney Land.

Back in early February, Neualink revealed that it’s now testing its brain-machine interface devices on monkeys after moving on from pigs. The company also recently shared a video of a monkey with a Neuralink implant playing pong with its brain (see the video above).

It’s more than likely Hodak isn’t entirely serious and is just trying to get media like myself to write a 200-word blog post about his tweet, similar to a feat Musk pulls off on a nearly daily basis with his own Twitter account — congratulations, it worked.

Image credit: Universal Pictures 

Source: @max_hodak