Lenovo Smart Clock now available for $40 at Best Buy Canada

This is one of our favourite bedside table alarm clocks

Lenovo’s Smart Clock is now available for $40 at Best Buy until April 15th.

The Smart Clock is a Google Assistant-enabled smart display, but I think it’s better off being compared to an Echo Dot with Clock or Nest Mini than a standard smart display.

While the device might be a little small and feature slow touch input, the simple fact that it has a screen to display the time, music information, and other things, makes it the perfect step up from the Nest Mini that’s $30 more expensive.

It also stole the awesome tap to snooze feature from Amazon’s smart home products because everyone, of course, loves to roll over and tap the snooze button like an old-school alarm clock.

The device also features a USB port on the back that you can use to charge your phone.

The Lenovo Smart Clock is on sale for $10 off at Best Buy Canada for $40.

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Source: Best Buy