Sony’s first big PS5 update improves HDR and 120Hz support

There's more to the new update than Sony previously revealed

PS5 header

Earlier this week, Sony revealed its first major system update for the PS5 that will offer USB external storage support and new social features, among other functionality.

However, with the update rolling out now, people have discovered additional features that Sony didn’t detail: namely, improved support for HDR and 120Hz displays.

With respect to the former, the PS5 now supports an option to automatically switch video output to non-HDR when you’re running a game or app that doesn’t support the feature.

Meanwhile, the new update adds support for 1080p PC monitors that feature 120Hz, which will be useful for games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition that support 120fps. Unfortunately, variable refresh rate — which allows the display to adjust refresh rate in real-time to the game’s frame rate output — is still not supported.

Finally, there are new HDMI control options: One Touch Play enables your PS5 to turn on your TV when the console is powered on (and switch to the right input accordingly), while Power Off Link will put the system into rest mode once the TV is turned off.