Get up to a $100 welcome credit when you sign up with Vidéotron

If you don't want to sign up for a All-inclusive plan, you can still get up to a $75 welcome credit

Vidéotron is offering a $100 welcome credit to new customers.

After you’ve subscribed to an All-inclusive plan with a 24-month agreement, customers can get up to a $100 credit. If you need less than an All-inclusive plan and sign up for a Basic 4GB or 10GB mobile plan with a 24-month agreement, you’ll get a $75 welcome credit.

This is a limited-time promotion with no current end date.

The credit will be applied to the customer’s second monthly invoice following signing up with Vidéotron. However, don’t forget that Vidéotron has a $25 mobile activation fee and a $10 SIM card fee.

All-inclusive plans also offer a 100GB bonus data per year if you go over your allotted data. All-inclusive plans start at $70 per month.

It’s important to point out that these are not bring your own device plans.

Source: Vidéotron