Google Pixel Buds A might do away with gesture control

The new Buds likely won't feature a charging indicator inside their case

Pixel buds

We’ve heard rumours about a new and cheaper pair of wireless earbuds from Google, possibly called Pixel Buds A, for a while now.

Last week, Google seemed to have accidentally leaked a photo of the upcoming truly wireless earbuds. Since then, 9to5Google has investigated the Pixel Buds app’s latest version, indicating that the rumoured Pixel Buds A could feature a lack of volume gesture controls.

According to 9to5Google, the Pixel Buds’ app includes a reference to Buds called “type_two,” whereas the current-gen buds go by the name “type_one.” The report states that the new Buds’ build does not feature the “swipe_forward” and “swipe_backward” code, indicating that the Google Pixel Buds A might not support swiping gestures to control volume. Instead, users will need to control the volume via their phone or another device connected to the Buds.

Looking further, the code shows that the newer model, “’type_two,” doesn’t feature a charging light inside its case, which is backed up by the image Google leaked last week by accident.

Cost-saving might be the reason Google removed gesture controls. From past leaks, we know that the Pixel Buds A will likely launch as a cheaper alternative to the Pixel Buds (2020), and removing the gesture control seems like a reasonable way to cut down on costs. It’s also possible Google hasn’t added the complete coding for the new Buds to the app yet.

With Google’s annual I/O scheduled for May 18th-20th, we’ll likely learn more about the cheaper Pixel Buds A in the next month.

Image credit: 9to5Google

Source: 9to5Google