Apple AirPods unofficially rated IP-K9 woof-proof after surviving journey through dog

The dog is fine too

AirPods in dog's stomach

I’ve accidentally put both Apple’s first-gen and second-gen AirPods through the washing machine before.

I slid them into my pocket after walking in the door to my home and, unfortunately, forgot they were there when I dropped the pair of shorts in the laundry machine a few hours later. To my surprise, after an extended drying period, the wireless earbuds still worked.

That said, I’ve always assumed that if I were to put the AirPods charger through the washing machine, I wouldn’t be so lucky.

It seems Apple’s AirPods and their charging case might be far more durable than some people likely assume. According to a blog post on veterinary website Vetsnow, Apple’s AirPods and their wireless charging case actually survived the journey into a dog’s stomach.

Dog swallow's AirPods
22-year-old Rachel Hicks’ Golden Retriever puppy accidentally ate her AirPods and their charging case when he mistakenly thought they were a dog treat. According to Vetsnow, acid from both the battery in the AirPods and their case could leak out of the case and cause serious damage to her dog’s stomachs, so this wasn’t the sort of situation where she could wait for her AirPods to come out of the other end of her beloved pet.

She rushed her pup to the vet and the AirPods were immediately removed from the dog’s stomach through emergency surgery. Rachel says that there wasn’t a single scratch on Apple’s AirPods despite the earbuds sitting in her dog’s digestive system for a few hours. Also, to her surprise, they still worked perfectly.

Though Apple’s AirPods aren’t officially IP68 dust and water-resistant, they are IPX4 sweat and splash-proof, which could be at least part of the reason they survived the trip inside a dog.

Perhaps this is precisely what Cardlax’s EarBuds Washer was designed for?

Image credit: Vetsnow 

Source: Vetsnow Via: PhoneArena