Fido offering Mother’s Day deal on LG Velvet with ZTE tablet

There's a deal here, if you can wrap your head around the weird carrier math

LG Velvet back panel

Fido is pushing some Mother’s Day deals with a bold claim of $810 in savings over the course of 24 months.

Listed on the carrier’s promotions tab, the deal involves an LG Velvet and a ZTE tablet. To start, Fido says customers can get $390 in savings when they activate an LG Velvet on a ‘Data, Talk and Text’ plan. That $390 comes from a discount on the device financing cost of the LG Velvet, which Fido currently offers for $15 per month financing instead of the usual $31.25 (that $16.25 difference works out to $390 over 24 months).

It’s also worth pausing here for a moment to note that if you get the Velvet, you’re paying $15 per month financing for it. Over 24 months, that works out to $360 for the Velvet. Fido says the full cost of the phone is $750, so not a bad deal there. However, it’s also not really a new deal, just one rebranded as a Mother’s Day special.

The other part of this deal is $180 in savings coming from the addition of a ZTE tablet. Fido doesn’t explain which ZTE tablet, only noting that it would normally cost $7.50 per month, but it gets knocked down to $0 after a bill credit. After some digging around Fido’s website, it appears the tablet in question is the ZTE Grand X View 4.

The final piece of this Mother’s Day offer are two $5 per month bill credits. One is applied to Data, Talk and Text plans $55 and up, while the other applies to the ZTE tablet. However, that bill credits only applies to new activations and requires both an LG Velvet, an eligible plan and the ZTE tablet on a tablet plan.

So, just to recap, there’s the LG Velvet for $0 down and $15 per month device financing ($390 in savings), ZTE tablet for $0 per month on a tablet plan ($180 in savings) and two $5 monthly bill credits for 24 months when you activate both of those things on a $55+ monthly plan ($240 in savings).

However, there is one other discount unaccounted for in all this: Fido currently offers a $200 bill credit to anyone that activates the LG Velvet on a $45+ plan with device financing, and the carrier offers an additional $100 bill credit to new customers only for a total $300 discount.

This section on the LG Velvet page lists the $16.25 financing discount alongside the other bill credits.

The $100 and $200 bill credits are a separate ongoing offer, and Fido confirmed that they can’t be combined with the ZTE tablet deal.

On that note, if you’re only interested in the bill credits, other carriers are offering similar deals with the Velvet.

Update 04/29/2021 at 9:28am: Added clarification that the $100 and $200 bill credits cannot be combined with the ZTE tablet offer.

Update 04/28/2021 at 7:10pm: Updated the article to note a second $5 per month bill credit that brings the total savings for the deal up to $810.

Source: Fido