New Roku and Chromecast with Google TV get HDR10+ support

This is a nice addition for TV colour accuracy nerds

Google Chromecast with Google TV and new Roku owners can now watch content in HDR10+ if they can find both a screen and content that supports the standard.

If you’re a TV colour nerd, first of all, I salute you, and second of all, you’re probably happy that these devices, especially something as low cost as a Roku, now support this wide colour gamut option.

However, for most people, this will likely go unnoticed.

HDR10+ is a high-dynamic-range video format that looks to compete with the wide colour output of Dolby Vision. Like Dolby Vision, it can also adjust brightness while you’re watching content to get really bright whites and very dark blacks.

Per the announcement, the Roku Express 4K and the Chromecast with Google TV now support the format. If you have one of these devices, you can find HDR10+ content on YouTube, Prime Video and the newly debuted Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access in Canada).

Source: Engadget