Google Discover feed gets very subtle update on Android 12

The small change moves the position of the Google logo

Google Discover is the feature available on plenty of Android devices that allows users to swipe to the left from their home screen to see news they might enjoy.

The latest change to this feature, which is only available to the currently unreleased Android 12 build, is a new design. Shared by Android Police, it offers a left-aligned Google logo that’s now white or grey, depending on your phone’s theme.

Since this is only on Android 12 devices, it’s difficult to know if this is going to be rolled out more widely or if Google is testing this feature out.

This isn’t a big update either way, and it’s not really important. However, if you’re wondering what has changed on your Discover feed, this is likely it.

We might see this update and plenty more at Google I/O on May 18th. 

Source: Android Police