Apple’s Find My app has a secret developer mode for AirTag

Open Apple's Find My app, select one of your AirTags, and then press your name five times in the top left corner

When looking for an AirTag, you can open a hidden developer mode that lists technical details about how the device’s tracking is working.

To turn on the developer mode, open Apple’s Find My app, select an AirTag, and then press your name five times in the top left corner.

Though the mode isn’t that useful for the average person, it does show interesting information about how the Find My app tracks an AirTag. The secret mode, discovered by Reddit user ‘cyem,’ provides easily understood details about bearing and pitch.

There’s also a lot of less useful information, as well as the option to change seven settings. These seven settings appear as sliders and it’s not advised to move them around.

One user on Reddit claims that the bottom four sliders correspond to the different colours that appear on your screen when you enter your AirTagged item. According to Reddit user ‘pmarksen,’ “A=% mixed with view; H=hue; S=saturation; V=value/brightness.” “The top two sliders relate to camera blur and brightness. Not sure what the middle ‘sum’ slider does yet,” writes pmarksen.

The developer mode will continue to stay on your Find My app until it’s manually switched off. Follow the same steps that you used to switch on the developed mode to turn it off.

It is important to note that this feature is specific to the AirTag and the developer mode will not pop up when the Find My app is tracking other devices.

Source: Reddit