OnePlus releases multiplatform clipboard app called Clipt

This makes it easy to copy/paste items between your computer and Android phones

OnePlus has dropped a new app that aims to streamline the process of copying items on your smartphone and pasting them on your PC, or vice-versa.

Clipt is the first app to make its way out of OnePlus’ new OneLap, a new startup type division within the company geared towards making fun, niche things.

For the time being, you can only really copy/paste between Chromium-based browsers and Android devices, but iOS support is planned according to Android PoliceYou can only use it on Chromium-based browsers since the PC version is a Chrome extension. Whenever you click on the extension, it shows you all the things you’ve recently copied. This is how the app works on Android too.

The real caveat of the app is that on Android, you need to send the links to Clipt manually. The app tries to make this easy by keeping a persistent notification in the notification shade so you can quickly send whatever you’ve copied to Clipt, but this isn’t as elegant a solution as the Universal Clipboard on iOS and macOS. Still, If you have an Android phone and need to copy things to your PC often and quickly, Clipt will help a lot.

One other thing to keep in mind is that Clipt only stores 10 items at a time. Another annoyance is that you get a notification on your phone every time you copy something on your PC. Hopefully, OnePlus can iron out the issues and make Clipt more respectful of the users, but for now, it’s not a bad app if you need to copy/paste between devices a lot.

You can get the Chrome Extension here and the Android app here. Both are free.

Source: Android Police