Shoppers has three incredible PC Points bonus offers happening right now

Shoppers is giving away PC Points like they're going out of style

Shopper Drug Mart has been on a hot streak of providing sweet offers related to its PC points program, and this week is no different.

There are a few deals this time around, so I’ll do my best to break them up below:

20,000 bonus points offer at Shoppers

You’ll need the PC app to take advantage of this offer. Once you’ve set up or entered your app, refresh your offers page, and you should see a 20,000 point offer for Shoppers if you spend more than $80 at the store.

$80 seems like a lot to spend at Shoppers, but remember that it also sells electronics and video games, so a single new game with this deal would essentially net you $20 back to spend at a PC grocery store or at Shopper Drugmart in the future.

This offer ends on May 9th and doesn’t apply if you use some of your already accumulated points on the purchase.

You can download the PC app on iOS and Android.

Shoppers bonus redemption offer

This offer runs from May 7th to the 12th and nets you bonus points whenever you redeem your existing points.

For example, if you went to Shoppers and spent $90 on a video game a redeemed 50,000 points (equivalent to $50), then Shoppers would kick in an extra 15,000 points (equivalent to $15), bringing the total amount you saved by using points to $65.

The deals get better the more points you redeem too. If you redeem 100,000 points, you get an extra $40 taken off, and if you redeem 200,000 points, A, you’re a baller and, B, you’ll get an extra $100 off courtesy of Shoppers.

This offer can’t be combined with any other offers either. Shoppers’ website also says that you can’t use it to buy tobacco, lottery tickets, alcohol, gift cards, all prepaid cards, transit/event tickets, post office transactions, passport photos, cashback, delivery charges, all non-participating 3rd party operations and any other products which are provincially regulated (including pharmacy-related transactions).

Still, that means games, electronics, snacks and over-the-counter goods are all fair game.

You can learn more about the deal on Shopper’s website.

50,000 online transaction bonus points

This deal functions much like the 20,000 bonus point option from above, but it only applies online when you spend over $150.

This offer will last until May 9th, and since it’s an online shopping deal, you can access it via this link. However, I think as long as you log in with your PC card number during checkout and spend over $150 without redeeming any points, you should get this bonus.

You can find out more about this offer here.