You can get a free smartphone with Freedom’s ‘Absolute Zero’ promotion

All you have to pay is the monthly plan bill

Freedom Mobile

Shaw-owned Freedom Mobile is back with its ‘Absolute Zero’ promotion.

Customers can now get a smartphone for free with the carrier’s Big Gig Unlimited plan. According to Freedom’s website, you pay “$0 upfront, $0 extra each month, and $0 extra at the end of our standard two-year commitment.”  You also get to keep the phone after the 24-month contract is over.

However, the Absolute Zero promotion doesn’t include every smartphone on the market. Below are the devices that are part of the offer:

If you’re not content with the plans mentioned above, you can also choose one of the Big Gig Unlimited plans after selecting an Absolute Zero smartphone. While the device is free, you’ll be paying for a monthly plan.

It’s worth noting that this deal ties you into a 24-month contract and cancelling the plan before two years will result in you being required to pay the full retail price for the phone.

Source: Freedom Mobile