You can once again get three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just $1

Microsoft normally charges $16.99 for a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

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Microsoft’s excellent $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal is back. For a limited time, Canadians can subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for three months and only pay $1.

Typically, Microsoft charges $1 for the first month of Game Pass Ultimate, before increasing the price to the regular $16.99 per month cost. However, this deal gives you the first month for $1, and the second and third months for free. If you subscribe to the deal, you’ll see the $16.99 charge appear on your fourth month with the service.

Microsoft previously offered the deal in December, which encouraged me to give Game Pass a try. I wasn’t entirely sold on it since I game on PC and don’t own an Xbox, but Microsoft does offer a decent amount of content for PC gamers through Game Pass.

Perhaps the biggest drawback is the need to use the Xbox app and Windows Store to manage game installs, but even in the few months I’ve had Game Pass, Microsoft has improved the experience significantly (but it still needs work). Thankfully, rumours suggest Microsoft is working to improve aspects of the Windows Store in future software updates, which in turn should help improve the Xbox app and overall Game Pass experience for PC users.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes games for PC, console and mobile (through xCloud in beta, and with limited availability). The subscription service also includes the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, an EA Play membership, various ‘perks’ and more.

Unfortunately, current Game Pass subscribers, and those who’ve tried the service before, aren’t eligible for the new $1 deal. Still, if you haven’t tried out Game Pass yet, I’d recommend giving it a shot. For $1, you don’t lose much if you don’t like it.

You can check out Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and subscribe here.

Source: RedFlagDeals