Twitter rolls out new prompt encouraging iOS users to enable tracking

Facebook and Instagram have also displayed similar prompts


Twitter is rolling out a new prompt to encourage users to enable tracking on iOS to allow for ‘better’ ads.

“Keep ads relevant to you by allowing Twitter to track data from other companies on this device, like apps you use and websites you visit,” the prompt reads, as reported by MacRumors.

The prompt also includes a link to a post that outlines why the social media giant needs to get users’ permission and what it means to enable tracking in iOS.

Apple’s latest privacy update requires app developers to get consent from users to allow their Identifier for Advertisers to be shared across apps.

Twitter isn’t the only social media app encouraging users to enable tracking, as Facebook and Instagram took a much more direct approach with their notices.

Facebook and Instagram started displaying prompts stating that allowing app tracking would “help keep Facebook free of charge.” Facebook has been a strong critic of the changes and has said they could hurt small businesses.

Apple’s recent changes have proven to be popular, as U.S. data shows that 96 percent of iOS users opt out of app tracking.

Source: MacRumors