People claiming to be Elon Musk have stolen more the $2 million in crypto

Trust me, Elon Musk isn't asking his Twitter followers for anything other than attention

A new report from the FTC in the U.S. says scammers have stolen over $2 million USD (roughly $2.4 million CAD) in crypto-related scams since last October by impersonating Elon Musk.

The worst part is that while people have lost over $2 million USD in Elon-related scams, overall, crypto-scams have stolen over $80 million USD (roughly $96 million CAD) total. If you have crypto and someone you’ve never met asks you to either send it to them for a quick return or some other scenario that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Further, if Elon Musk reaches out to you, you should know that it’s 100 percent not actually him. The controversial billionaire may be active on Twitter, but I can guarantee that he’s not trolling his own mentions for people to share his crypto wealth with.

Source: FTC Via: The Verge