Apple TV’s ‘Colour Calibration’ tool is hit and miss

The tool will likely be good enough for most people

A new video from TV calibration expert Vincent Teoh shows off the pros and cons that come along with the new Apple TV’s ‘Colour Calibration’ tool.

Teoh tested the feature on three top-of-the-line TVs and a $30,000 colour mastering monitor with varying results.

One of the first things he noticed is that the Apple tool tends to calibrate TVs to feature a bit of a cooler blue hue than most of the TVs’ filmmaker modes. That said, to my eyes, both the built-in mode and the Apple TV master, both look pretty good. It will likely come down to personal preference and the ambient lighting in the room.

Out of all the TVs that Teoh tested, the LG C9’s most accurate default mode was very cool, and the Apple TV colour tool brought it up to be much more accurate.

When it comes down to it, this video shows that Apple’s new Apple TV colour calibration tool isn’t perfect. It will likely help most people, but if you want perfect colours that are close to a reference monitor, you may be better off getting a professional to tune your TV.

In case you’re wondering, you can also look up your TV on sites like for calibration help as well.

Source: HDTVTest