Spotify’s new update aims to improve the app’s accessibility features

The update includes auto transcription for Spotify original podcasts, aesthetic changes and the ability to alter in-app text size

Spotify has announced three new updates to make its iOS and Android apps more accessible, including a beta version of a podcast transcription feature.

As part of a beta rollout, Spotify will begin auto-transcribing certain exclusive and original episodes in the coming weeks. Users will be able to read the transcript with or without sound, and they can tap on the text to skip to that specific timestamp in the audio.

Spotify’s blog post about the update reads, “Our overall ambition is to enable transcripts across all podcasts on Spotify.”


In addition to transcriptions, Spotify is getting aesthetic adjustments in terms of button colours, text layout, and size. The goal here is to make the app easier to use for individuals with limited eyesight and visual impairments, says Spotify.

Finally, iOS users can change the text size in their device’s settings to make it considerably larger. Go to Settings > Accessibility and then hit Display and Text Size. Tap ‘Larger Text’ to change the size to match your needs.

Spotify is working with people with disabilities to conduct user research about the updates and plans to evaluate and assess the new features on an ongoing basis to make its platform as inclusive and accessible as possible.

Image credit: Spotify

Source: Spotify