What’s new on Xbox Game Pass on Console, PC and Android in late May 2021

Knockout City, Conan Exiles and Maneater are coming to Game Pass later this month

Every month, Microsoft adds new titles to its Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

Typically, new titles release in two waves and Xbox has unveiled May’s second batch of new Game Pass games.

In terms of extras, here’s the exclusive free content that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks subscribers can get starting May 18th:

  • Rogue Company: season two perk pack — Available Now
  • World of Tanks: Might and Metal Pack — Available Now
  • Smite x Monstercat — Available Now
  • Warface: Absolute Power Bundle — Available May 20th

Finally, here’s what’s leaving Game Pass on May 31st:

  • Assetto Corsa (Cloud and Console)
  • Broforce (PC)
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 Remix (Console)
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (Console)
  • Surviving Mars (Cloud, Console and PC)
  • Voids Bastards (Cloud, Console and PC)

Xbox Game Pass is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Android. Game Pass for Console and Game Pass for PC each cost $11.99 CAD/month.

Meanwhile, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $16.99/month and is required for Android streaming (which Xbox currently refers to as ‘Cloud’). On top of that, this tier includes Game Pass for both Console and PC, as well as an Xbox Live Gold subscription and access to EA Play.

Newcomers can sign up for their first month of Game Pass Ultimate for $1.

Find out what came to Game Pass in the first part of May.

Source: Xbox

Image Credit: EA