Apple might stream lossless music to AirPods over AirPlay

Apple could have more to reveal regarding its new lossless audio

Notable YouTuber and leaker Jon Prosser suggests that Apple might update its AirPods so they can stream high-fidelity audio over its AirPlay wireless protocol, allowing Apple Music’s new lossless high-quality music to work with the company’s wireless earbuds and headphones.

Prosser says that post-update, a device like an iPhone will be able to connect to AirPods with Bluetooth and then create a local Wi-Fi network between the Buds that supports high-quality music.

This would be a huge move for Apple given it gives users an excellent reason to buy AirPods and other Apple hardware since it will be the only way to access HQ music wirelessly.

Prosser takes this leak even further by suggesting Apple withheld the lossless AirPods update to make it seem like it was releasing HQ Apple Music as an agnostic feature for people with any headphones, all while sitting on this new HQ streaming tech that it plans to release later this year.

I really want to believe this is true as it’s baffling that the company released lossless Apple Music without the ability for it to work with AirPods. This new rumour makes the move make far more sense.

If Apple uses AirPlay to push lossless music to AirPods, the feature will also likely work with its HomePod speakers and other high-fidelity smart speakers like Sonos.

There’s no mention regarding when this update might release, but since the Apple Music update is coming in June, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see the AirPods update release at WWDC.

Source: FPT