Google Photos is getting smarter to help you manage storage better

This change comes ahead of Google Photos no longer backing up images in "High-quality" for free

As Google nears the end of its unlimited photo storage backups offer, the company has created a new tool to help users delete pictures that aren’t suitable for being saved. This includes backed-up screenshots, blurry pics, big video files and more.

Starting on June 1st, Google Photos will no longer back up your new photos in ‘High-quality’ for free. That means any new pictures you upload after that date will count towards your Google One cloud storage plan. Photos already backed up will remain free and not count against your cap.

Another new tool Google is adding to the app to help people manage their photo storage is a new estimate based on how often you upload pictures. This will tell you how many years or weeks you have left until you need to think about upgrading your stage plan. Everyone starts with 15GB, but that’s shared amongst all of your Google cloud products, including Drive.

To cap off the update, Google is also renaming the High-quality tier to ‘Storage saver.’ This still saves your photos in a high-quality format. The change reflects that it’s a step down from the original quality of the picture, but it will help you save some cloud stage space.

These updates are rolling out now ahead of the policy change over on June 1st.

At I/O 2021, Google announced that it’s also bringing several new smart features and a locked photo to its Photos app. These updates are expected to release later this year.

Source: Google