Spotify launches Wrapped-like birth chart music experience called ‘Only You’

It's sort of like a mid-year 'Wrapped' with extra playlists

Spotify 'For You'

If you want to know how truly eclectic your taste in music is, it doesn’t get much better than Spotify’s annual ‘Wrapped’ feature that tells you what you listened to this year.

In what seems like an effort to give subscribers a mid-year Wrapped-like recap, Spotify’s latest ‘experience’ called ‘Only You’ offers details on precisely how you listen and what makes the combinations of different music genres you consume unique. Similar to Wrapped, the new digital experience gives you a personalized playlist in a sharable form. There’s also a new feature called ‘Blend’ that lets two friends combine their musical tastes into one unique playlist.

The end result of ‘Only You’ is a ‘Your Dream Dinner Party’ that lets users select between three artists they’d invite to a dinner party and then Spotify creates a playlist based on those selections. There’s also ‘Your Artist Pairs,’ which makes a playlist based on your music taste, ‘Your Birth Chart,’ which shows subscribers their ‘Sun Artist,’ also known as the artist they’ve listened to the most this year. Finally, there’s a ‘Moon Artist’ for that super emo music you love, and a ‘Rising Artist,’ an artist you’ve recently uncovered.

Spotify For You Birth Chart

Spotify says that Audio Birth Chart and Dream Dinner Party will update daily while the more visual aspects of the feature like Your Artists Pairs is based on a limited set of time.

While these Spotify features are a little silly, they’re also pretty fun. For example, my most unique artist pair is apparently Good Charlotte and Trippie Redd, which makes a lot of sense, but you’d probably never think of it on your own. Also, the Not By Choice mix that resulted from Only You seems to be right up my alley and features The Ataris, Bowling for Soup and New Found Glory.

You can head to to get a Wrapped-esque shareable experience.

Source: Spotify