‘SpongeBob’s Idle Adventures’ coming to mobile this summer

Who lives in an alternate dimension under the sea?

SpongeBob's Idle Adventures

Mobile game publisher Kongregate has unveiled its latest title, SpongeBob’s Idle Adventures.

The game follows SpongeBob and his friends as they’re sent to a new dimension due to an accident caused by Patrick.

Idle Adventures features several iconic SpongeBob characters, including the titular sponge himself, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Mr. Krabs and Plankton, as they try to return to their Bikini Bottom.

The game is a management sim, so you’ll have to maintain different classic SpongeBob properties (like the Krusty Krab or Squidward’s house) by hiring workers (like Gary or Barnacle Boy).

Idle Adventures will launch on Android and iOS this summer.