Fortnite hints at a Rick and Morty collaboration for its new season

A possible Superman cameo could be coming as well

Fortnite is continuing its tradition of dropping hints about the upcoming season via its highly ratioed Twitter account. The account has released a new teaser that appears to hint at a crossover with Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty.

The ten-second clip shows a helmet of some sort on the right along with an other-worldly gun on the left.

In the dead center, we see a little robo-creature holding what looks like a stick of butter. It’s the exact same butter-passing robot as seen in the Emmy-award-winning show’s Season 1, Episode 9.

Check out the clip below for reference:

In a separate teaser dropped yesterday, we see a shotgun on the right, a guitar on the left and what’s that in the middle? It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman’s glasses. Well, Clark Kent’s, to be precise.

Considering the highly successful DC collabs Fortnite has pulled off in the past along with the recent Batman x Fortnite comics that are doing relatively well, it’s not hard to believe that Superman might be flying his way into the Fortnite universe.

With that being said, Fortnite’s Chapter 2, Season 7 will drop tomorrow, so we’ll most likely know whether the glasses belong to Kent or not. The new season trailer will premiere on YouTube on June 8th at 2am ET/11pm PT.

You can check it out below:

Source: @FortniteGame