Google moves Chrome OS update schedule to once every four weeks

Chrome updates are going to have the same cadence

Google is shifting Chrome’s and Chrome OS’ update schedules so that new updates release every four weeks.

In a recent Chromium blog post, the tech giant wrote, “To deliver new features more rapidly to consumers while also continuing to prioritize the key pillars of Chrome OS — security, stability, speed and simplicity — Chrome OS will move to a 4-week stable channel starting with M96 in Q4.”

This should mean that Chrome OS users will get new features more often. However, we’ll have to see how well this schedule works since I find when companies push out a lot of small updates all of the time, users generally don’t notice them and miss new features.

For Chrome OS enterprise and Education customers, the updates will be moved to a six-month cadence, reads the Chromium Blog post.

Google is moving its Chrome browser to a similar four-week schedule. That said it’s also going to offer an ‘Extended Stable’ build option that will get updated every eight weeks.

Source: Chromium Blog