Google reportedly working on new, more powerful Pixel Stand

This wireless charger might be capable of outputting up to 50W charging

Google is reportedly prepping a new wireless charging stand for its much-leaked Pixel 6 series smartphone.

9to5Google dug into the code for Android 12 Beta 2 and discovered a new Made By Google wireless charger. This wireless charger also sports fans, according to the leak. Google’s original Pixel Stand could only output 10W, so a fan was unnecessary as there was no risk of overheating.

On the other hand, the OnePlus Warp wireless charger offered 50W charging and required a fan to prevent it from overheating.

The fans in Google’s new charger will be able to speed up, slow down and stop based on a variety of different factors. Reportedly, if you say “Hey Google” so that the device can properly understand your commands, the fans will quiet down.

If you’re charging your phone and using your device’s recorder simultaneously, the fans will get even quieter. This will also happen when you’re heading to bed. According to the leak, users will be able to manually switch the charger’s settings between ‘Auto,’ ‘Quiet’ and ‘Power Boost.’ In the Power Boost mode, the fans will spin a lot faster to compensate for a faster-than-usual charging rate.

9to5Google discovered that the codename for this accessory is “Luxuryliner.” The previous Pixel Stand featured the codename “Dreamliner.”

This adds further fuel to rumours that Google is working to make the Pixel 6 a flagship handset by offering faster charging than its predecessors. It’s unclear when the Pixel 6 will be officially revealed, though some reports indicate an end-of-September or mid-October release date.

Source: 9to5Google