Turn your Apple Watch into a weird-looking bedside clock with this glass dock

The accessory will cost $62 in Canada


Have you ever wanted to turn your Apple Watch into a magnified, glass bedside clock? Probably not, right?

That hasn’t stopped the NightWatch, a combination charging dock, magnifying glass and audio amplifier that aims to turn Apple’s smartwatch into a complete bedside alarm clock package, from existing.

The NightWatch seems to be a thick piece of curved glass that magnifies the wearable’s display so that it’s easier to see when it’s set to nightstand mode. This glass also amplifies the smartwatch’s speaker, and you can even tap on it to wake the Watch Face.

Unfortunately, the NightWatch doesn’t come with its own built-in smartwatch charger and you’ll have to slot in your own, similar to Nomad’s MagSafe Mount for the Apple Watch.

While a little silly, I can see the NightWatch appealing to those that want to use Apple’s wearable as a bedside clock. That said, if you track your sleep with the Apple Watch, an accessory like this obviously wouldn’t make sense for you.

In Canada, the NightWatch is set to cost $62 and is listed as shipping in June.

Via: The Verge