Fido offering some existing customers up to 20GB for $45 per month

Check your Fido account

Fido is offering some of its customers an exclusive promotion.

According to several posts on RedFlagDeals, a variety of Fido customers have recently received exclusive deals through their Fido accounts.

RedFlagDeals user ‘nihulen,’ says they saw a deal that offered 20GB for $45 per month. Another user that goes by ‘kanewtz’ was sent an offer for 35GB for $60 per month. Moreover, user ‘sipjd65’ is now paying $35 for 15GB. There’s also another user who was offered $55 for 25GB.

As is often the case with these “exclusive offers,” your mileage will likely vary. The best course of action is to take a look at your Fido account to see if you have any special promotions available.

Image credit: RedFlagDeals ‘nihulen’

Source: RedFlagDeals