Clubhouse may have accidentally leaked its upcoming private messaging feature

The messaging feature is reportedly called ‘Backchannel’

Clubhouse may have accidentally leaked an upcoming private messaging feature for the popular social audio platform.

Tweets and screen recordings have revealed that Clubhouse leaked the feature to some users a few days ago. The Verge reports that the messaging feature is called ‘Backchannel’ and that it would essentially allow users to chat via text as opposed to the app’s standard audio features.

It appears that Backchannel was not mentioned in the app’s release notes for its latest update. Further, users who have seen the feature in the app note that it looks quite unfinished. It’s unknown how long the feature was live, but Clubhouse swiftly removed it shortly after.

Clubhouse has not directly acknowledged the feature and told The Verge in a statement that “Clubhouse regularly explores and tests potential features. These functions sometimes become part of the app, sometimes they don’t. We do not comment on potential features.”

As Clubhouse started gaining popularity last year, several digital giants including Twitter and Facebook rushed to clone its social audio offering. It now seems like Clubhouse is testing new ways to retain users as other companies start rolling out their audio features.

It’s worth noting that it’s unknown if Clubhouse actually plans to release the messaging feature widely, as nothing has been confirmed.

Via: Clubhouse