Municipality-led project to bring high-speed internet to over 60,000 homes in Ontario

This project includes $268 million in investments

Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) has awarded contracts for 95 projects in southwestern Ontario.

SWIFT is a non-profit municipality-led regional broadband project that is delivered in partnership with the government of Ontario and Canada.

This project includes $268 million in investments to bring high-speed internet access to households and businesses across the region by 2023.

The regional project, in partnership with local ISPs, will bring high-speed internet connectivity to 63,254 locations across Southwestern Ontario, exceeding the program’s targeted 50,000 premises passed by 27 percent.

“Our government continues to deliver on its commitment to bring faster, more reliable internet access to every corner of the province,” said Ontario Agriculture Minister Lisa Thompson.

“By finalizing these 95 contracts, we will soon connect thousands of additional families and businesses in Southwestern Ontario to the modern broadband they need and deserve.”

Through the program, 5,221km of fibre-optic cabling will be laid throughout the region. The project will bring high-speed internet access to 345 communities, including four First Nations.

Source: SWIFT