OneDrive update brings basic photo editing and more to the storage platform

This brings the platform one step closer to feature parity with Google Photos

Microsoft has announced several new OneDrive features that might bring the storage platform one step closer to becoming a viable alternative to Google Photos.

Cropping, rotating, flipping and straightening images along with basic colour correction is now possible in the file-syncing app.

Photo editing is currently only available on personal OneDrive accounts and works with JPEG or PNG images.

Microsoft aims to offer the picture editing feature to business and school users this summer and through its iOS OneDrive app later this year.

Further, Microsoft is bringing Chromecast support that will let you cast media files directly to your TV with the tap of a button.

For organizing your media files, an upcoming update will allow Android and web OneDrive to automatically create folders based on the source of your photograph, whether it’s a photo you received on Snapchat, Instagram or a screenshot you captured yourself. You can also sort the photos by month and year for added flexibility when you want to find them.

The photo editing and casting features are now live on OneDrive for web and Android, with an update for iOS expected later this year.

Follow the links to download OneDrive for Android and iOS.

OneDrive for the web can be found here.

Image credit: Microsoft

Source: Microsoft