Auto HDR and Direct storage are coming to Windows 11

Microsoft's new desktop OS is set to borrow a few key features from the Xbox Series X/S

Xbox Game Pass PC

During Microsoft’s Windows 11 reveal, the tech giant showed off several Xbox Series X/S features it plans to bring to its new desktop operating system, including auto HDR, direct storage and more.

Though monitors that work with HDR aren’t very common yet, Microsoft is bringing its Xbox Auto HDR feature to its new OS. Auto HDR automatically adds HDR to titles, increasing the dynamic range of colours.

Further, Direct storage, a feature that allows GPUs to access game files on a hard drive directly without going through the CPU first, is also coming to Windows 11. Similar to how the feature works with the Xbox Series X and S, Direct storage will significantly improve load times.

Finally, Microsoft also plans to more tightly integrate Xbox Game Pass into Windows 11, giving users easier access to all of the titles included in the subscription platform.

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Image credit: Microsoft