It seems like Windows 11 will likely release in October

More specifically, October 20th

While Microsoft has finally officially revealed Windows 11, it’s yet to tell the world when the new operating will release.

With that in mind, there have been a few hints suggesting it’s coming out in October.

For instance, many of the new operating system’s marketing images include October 20th and, in some cases, October 6th. There’s even a section of the presentation that demos the new Microsoft Teams app that shows off Microsoft engineer Stevie Bathiche saying, “excited to turn it up to 11… can’t wait for October!”

More officially, Microsoft has stated several times that Windows 11 is releasing this holiday season, which lines up with an October release. Further, The Verge says that its sources at Microsoft say the company is aiming for an October release.

Walmart is also promoting a free October 2021 Windows update suggesting that it’s also getting ready for Windows 11 in October.

As always, it’s important to keep in mind that Microsoft hasn’t revealed an official Windows 11 release date yet and could still push the date back.

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Source: The Verge