Cineplex’s Mighty Pop is the size of five large bags of popcorn

You can only order Mighty Pop through Uber Eats and SkipTheDishes

Cineplex has introduced Mighty Pop, an extremely big bag of popcorn that’s the equivalent to five regular large bags you’d typically purchase from a movie theatre.

If you’re down for some popcorn action, you can order the Mighty Pop exclusively through SkipTheDishes and Uber Eats. Cineplex says Mighty Pop is “guaranteed fresh,” comes in a resealable bag and costs a rather pricey $25.99.

You can also grab other items from Cineplex like drinks, nachos, hot dogs, poutine and more through SkipTheDishes and Uber Eats.

Though a little over-the-top, Mighty Pop seems designed to fill the void if you’re really in the mood to eat an abundant amount of popcorn.

Source: Cineplex