Google’s new initiative aims to help combat food insecurity

Find Food Support is intended to serve as a "one-stop-shop" for those experiencing food insecurity in the United States

Google has launched a new website that intends to serve as a “one-stop-shop” for those experiencing food insecurity in the United States by connecting them to people offering free food support.

“1 in 8 Americans will experience food insecurity during their lifetimes. If you’re facing food insecurity, you are not alone, and Google has created this site to help you find community-based support,” the website reads. The initiative, called Find Food Support, offers links to state benefit guides and information for specialized groups such as the elderly, children and military families.

In addition to links, the website offers a food finder tool powered by Google Maps that people can use to find the nearest food bank, food pantry, or school lunch programme pickup point in their town. The website includes over 90,000 sites across the nation where people experiencing food insecurity can find support. To make this initiative work, Google is working with No Kid Hungry, FoodFinder and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to capture locations. According to Google, more locations will be added to the resource soon.

To use the tool, visit and scroll down to the map section of the website. You’ll be greeted by a fillable box that says “Enter Address.” You can enter your full address, just your city or even just the zip code and the map will show you locations where food support is available, indicated by a blue location marker on the map.

If you find a close to your area, you click on the blue location marker and pull up additional information, including its name, operation hours, phone number, exact address and more.

It’s worth noting that this initiative is limited to the United States, though we might see support for other countries, including Canada, soon.

Image credit: Google

Source: Google