TikTok is down for some, users turn to Twitter to complain

Some users have lost all their followers and videos

TikTok on the App Store

According to TikTok’s official Twitter support account, the short-form video platform is currently “experiencing some issues.”

Problems seem to range from users having zero followers on their accounts to the entire platform being inaccessible. There are also reports of entire TikTok accounts losing all of their videos

Thankfully, I’m still able to access the platform, allowing me to stream through countless videos of people applying caulk to objects (my For You page is weird, okay?).

The initial outage reportedly happened at roughly 3:30pm ET/12:30pm ET. This story will be updated when TikTok comes back online.

In a somewhat amusing turn of events, several TikTok users have turned to Twitter to complain about TikTok’s outage.

Source: @TikTokSupport